• Ways To Get Involved

    Learn about the many ways you can get involved

  • Volunteer

    It’s a ton of fun when friends, family, and our super supporters come hang out and get to work on our volunteer days. There’s nothing quite like giving your time and smiles to our veterans in their time of need. Whether you individually want to get involved in our WWH efforts, or are looking to bring in a group, we are always looking for great volunteers.

    Ways to Give

    The opportunities to help Wounded Warrior Homes support our veterans extends far beyond monetary donations. Have an old car or boat you’re looking to get rid of? How about donating your professional services to help build a vet home?

    The Internship

    Looking to fulfill your college internship requirement, or get hands on experience working in a growing nonprofit organization? Get in contact today to find out how we can help you achieve the ultimate Wounded Warrior Homes experience. We are always looking for high impact leaders to support our WWH efforts.

    Feeding Our Warriors | Food Drive

    Help feed and keep our warriors healthy. Too many of them are going hungry don't have the essentials they need. Learn how you can provide in kind donations to our pantry.

    Operation: Mission Completion

    Learn how you can help raise funds to reach mission completion! Now as we look to the next 10 years, we intend to expand our program to support more veterans and become a leader in ending veteran homelessness in the United States.

  • Supporting Our Veterans

    Ready to help? There are lots of places you can use your skills to help Wounded Warrior Homes in fulfilling its mission. Do you have a professional skills such as electrician or contractor? Perhaps you have administrative or computer skills? Maybe you have a free day to help pull weeds or build a wall at one of our transitional houses. We need all kinds of volunteers!


    Come join our ‘Support Detail’! Start by filling out the volunteer form and we’ll be contacting you soon.

    How Your Time Impacts Veterans

    Volunteer Needs

    • WWH Home Repair & Landscape maintenance
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Administrative Support
    • Fundraising & Development
    • Event Planning
    • Much More!

    Wounded Warrior Homes prides itself on the service it gives to homeless veterans in San Diego. You can help strengthen our efforts by becoming a volunteer.


    WWH Support Detail is responsible for providing assistance at transitional homes, in the office, or at special events and fundraisers throughout San Diego County. Make a difference in the life of a veteran with PTSD or TBI by becoming a volunteer at Wounded Warrior Homes. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team, please contact us today.

  • Ways to Give to Wounded Warrior Homes

    Explore all the ways to powerfully give and support Wounded Warrior Homes’ mission

    Vehicle Donation

    Do you have a vehicle or boat you are looking to donate? Here at WWH we not only can and will make this process easy and seamless for you, we will leverage the funds from your donation so we can make a huge impact in our returning vets in need.

    Yacht & Vessel Donation

    Donating a luxury vessel or yacht to Wounded Warrior Homes is often a much better option for owners of a no longer wanted high value vessel or motorhome. Instead of the owner having to sell through a broker, they can donate to our charity and enjoy an immediate tax deduction.

    Amazon Smile Wish List

    Do you like shopping on Amazon? Consider making your account an Amazon Smile account and a portion of your purchase will go to help our veterans! You can also buy items for our veterans on our Amazon Smile Wish List

    Estate Planning

    Looking to make a meaningful contribution through estate planning? Our team is highly qualified and would love to chat about what your potential gift can mean for WWH, while fully understanding and supporting your efforts to take full advantage of any and all tax and trust benefits.

    Food Donation

    Donate food and household supplies so that our veterans have everything they need. Check our wish list regularly for updates.

    Employer Matching

    Many employers participate and match their employee’s donations to nonprofits. Double your impact and help us help more veterans by seeing if your company is also willing to support WWH.

  • Feeding Our Warriors | Food Drive

    Help keep our veterans healthy by making an in-kind donation to our pantry.

    Food donations are a great way to support the veterans in our program. And it’s a fun way to get your office, social group, or child’s school classroom involved by making a group donation.
    We accept all forms of packaged/sealed food and are equipped for refrigerated and frozen storage as well as for shelf-stable items.

    Call our office in San Marcos, 760.205.5050, and make an appointment to come in to drop off your food donation. See the list below for the type of foods we need most.

    We also accept in-kind donations of living essentials and toiletries. Food is always appreciated, but if you’re looking for other things to donate, consider giving laundry detergent, shampoo, or other household supplies.


    By providing our veterans with all the day to day essentials, we can make their transition even more successful.

    If you’re looking for ideas of what to donate, feel free to reference our Pantry Wish List below. Check back regularly for updates to our list and if you’re looking for more ways to donate then take a look at our Amazon Wish List.

    If you have any questions or would like assistance in starting a pantry fundraiser with your employer, school, or church: call Gene at 760.205.5050

  • After 10 years we have successfully crafted and implemented a transitional support program with a phenomenal success rate of 95%. Now as we look to the next 10 years, we intend to expand our program to support more veterans and become a leader in ending veteran homelessness in the United States. With more than 40,000 veterans living on the streets of America, we have an urgency to expand so as to help every hero before they’re forgotten to time.

    Download our Annual Sponsor Form and find the impact level your company would like to make a difference at. 100% of donations will benefit Wounded Warrior Homes on its journey to help Veterans fighting PTSD and/or TBI through transitional housing.

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